A word from the CEO

“Defining a goal together: it's a better start; to agree on the strategy: that is progress; run to this dream: that is success.”

This sentence summarizes my little experience of the world and my vision. The years that have passed since the beginning of this adventure have been rich in learning. The year 2017 witnessed a new dynamic and an intense transformation within our company. The identity of the group is unveiled and the feeling of belonging of each of the partners within the different entities of our BEETLE HERITAGE holding company is reaffirmed. This dynamic is none other than the continuity of a vision to strengthen and enhance our human capital, which is culturally very diverse and young.

We want to develop the spirit of " dream big, make it easy target ". Note that Africa is a continent where everything is at the will of Man. The challenge is to succeed in instilling in our associates a culture of results and to give our future generation a strong taste for work. Professionalizing our activity through international management standards and norms is the imperative objective.

Taking the competition into account forces us to develop economic intelligence and a perfect understanding of the environment allowing us to implement appropriate strategies. The performance review discipline of our associates is a policy that allows everyone to see where their cursor is placed so that necessary adjustments are implemented for some and encouragement for others.

Evariste Helle

Dream Big, Make it easy target