Why Beetle

The beetle: symbol of the rising sun, it promotes life and fertility

The word scarab in Egyptian, kheper, is used to write verbs “to become”, “to transform” and to name the coronation of the king “Neb-khéperou-Rê” (Master of the transformations of the sun).

The beetle is the only animal that can carry up to 850 times its weight.

The habits of the beetle (the dung beetle) led the Egyptians to compare it to the sun. Indeed, the animal, using its forehead and its front legs forms a ball with the excrement of mammals. Then with its hind legs, it rolls the ball to a hole to lay its egg. For the Egyptians, the beetle pushing its ball recalls the course of the sun in the sky. The young beetle which is born from the ball which nourished it during its gestation is compared to the birth of the sun every morning on the horizon.

The beetle is therefore of paramount importance : he embodies the solar God who is reborn every morning at dawn, he is a symbol of rebirth for the dead and protective emblem for the living.

On mummies, the beetle is often placed near the heart, the seat of the spirit.

If the beetle; in English BEETLE, is today the symbol and the name of our Holding, it is indeed a question of knowing that the Organization has vocation to survive the Men by constantly feeding on their contribution in skills, knowledge, know-how and know-how.

Each employee who joins Beetle Heritage Holding brings his stone to the building and contributes to its success.


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